Cycle to Fjällräven Classic: A cultural adventure into the depths of Sweden.

Me on my first bike tour in the Baja California desert, Mexico, September 2006.

Hej! I’m Andrew, and normally, when I’m not working in Addnature’s awesome warehouse with all the amazing people who make preparing your parcels of goodies possible, I’m working on my master in management at the Stockholm School of Economics and planning the next project. I’m one of those who can’t help himself take on a hundred and one projects out and about in the community, this cycle ride and series of hopefully interesting, funny and insightful blog entries being the very latest.

Next week I’ll be setting off on an epic cycling adventure to the mountains of Swedish Lapland. The goal of this 3-week bike tour from Stockholm to Kiruna is not only to make it to Kiruna to then hike along the Kungsleden trail on the Fjällräven Classic, but to discover the secrets Sweden’s island-studded East coast and forests have to hide.

So why Sweden you may ask!? Surely there’s nothing more to see than a lot of boring forest. Sure, there is, but there’s beauty in its vastness and when you finally come out of it and spot a snow-capped mountain or an idyllic lake with picture perfect red and white wooden cottages dotted around, you begin to understand the attraction of this land of extremes.

And why on a bike? Well, it’s the perfect way of getting closer to the people, culture and nature of the country you’re exploring, plus you can go at your own pace. I got into adventure cycling about ten years ago when I was backpacking around Ecuador and met a couple who were cycling from California to Patagonia. “Mental!” I thought, but then, a few years later, after having ridden my bike through the Baja California desert, I totally understood and was hooked. Since that first, fateful trip, I have ridden through Germany, France, my home country of Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, and of course my new, beloved home – Sweden.

The view through my bike mirror at the ”telegraph road” I had just cycled along in Baja California.

I will not be doing this ride alone. My friend Stina, who works for the Danish National History Museum in Denmark, but who’s originally from Gothenburg, will also be joining me, but will be able to provide you with a more Swedish and historical angle to our observations of Swedish culture over the next few weeks.

Alright. I still have a lot to prepare and get ready for the big departure on Sunday. We’ll catch up next time when we’ll be on the road heading North, but in the meantime, check out the photos and articles I have written from my previous trips:



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